Valle di Fraele
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Lying between ancient stories,
dwarf mountain pine forestry and water

le torri di Fraele


Nature, history and culture are the fundamental elements of the Fraele Valley, at the start of which is located the Ristoro.


Lot of green…
It is given most of all by the dwarf mountain pine forestry and, in the higher areas of the valley, by the larches.


Lot of water…
The big artificial lakes of Cancano (the first you meet) and of san Giacomo (the second one) that together dominate the surrounding scenery.



i lagi di cancanoThe two dams were built by AEM (Energy industry of Milan) in the first half of last century; nowadays they produce energy for lighting the city of Milan.

The waters of the lakes here “illuminate” the valley; they give an impressive and unusual aspect to the area. In fact, during certain times of the day the reflections of the waters create a marvellous and magical atmosphere.


Lot of history
has gone through this valley…
During Medieval times French and Spanish armies fought heavy battles, remembered by historians, causing hundreds or may be thousands of deaths.
There was also a flourishing iron industry, that was mined in the nearby valley of Bruna and in the area of Pedenolo; the first manifacture was done in the Fraele Valley, to be finished in the big smelting furnaces located in the small village of Premadio, close to chiesetta di Sant Erasmo


Moreover, it is important to also remember the stories of emigrants, smugglers and
poachers. All stories of every day people who have made the story of the Fraele Valley, till arriving to the recent stories of the ones who built the two big artificial lakes.

The Ristoro is strictly connected to the recent history; in fact, it is the result of the restructuring of one of the old sheds built to host the workers who were creating those big works.

Nowadays the valley lies entirely in the National Park of Stelvio, and together with the other areas valued for their nature, it represents a real treasure.

San Giacomo resort, before the building of the dams. The signalman’s house; the convent and the Church of San Giacomo.


Live your holiday, live the nature