Valle di Fraele
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It is always possible to reach the Ristoro by car, driving along a mountain surfaced road that starts from Fiordalpe and arrives in Cancano, in the Fraele Valley located in the commune of Valdidentro. It is near Bormio, Livigno and close to the Stelvio pass.Alta Valtellina

From Italy: arriving from Milan-Lecco, drive the entire valley until you reach Bormio, whilst arriving from Bergamo or Brescia you will drive through Aprica pass in order to reach Tirano first and then Bormio.
Once in Bormio take the direction of Livigno until you arrive in Fiordalpe where, after leaving the main road Foscagno SS 301 by taking, on your right, the Via Cancano (follow signs), you will head towards the lakes of Cancano.
After a series of hairpin bends and two short tunnels you arrive at the Towers of Fraele, then the street runs along the marvellous natural lake Scale until it arrives at the Ristoro, located in front of a large square.

Coming from Switzerland via Livigno: you can reach Livigno through the Forcola pass or through the Gallo Tunnel. Follow Bormio direction and in the small village of Fiordalpe turn right (follow signs) to go to the Fraele Valley.

During summer time: you can also reach the Ristoro walking or going by mountain bike. There is a large choice of trails such as the ones in: Forcola, Mora (St Maria Mustair, in Switzerland), Gallo (Buffarola- Pass of Forn, in Switzerland), Alpisella, Pila, Trela and Vezzola Valleys; by the trail starting from Bagni Vecchi (Old spa) and to finish from the mountain level road named Decauville.

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